The Lacanian Review 2: “Sex all over the place”

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Journal of the New Lacanian School and the World Association of Psychoanalysis

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Véronique Voruz, Sex All Over The Place: “Fuck!”

Thematic section: SEX ALL OVER THE PLACE


Jacques-Alain Miller, Truth is Coupled with Meaning


The dialogue:

Jack Halberstam and Marie-Hélène Brousse, “Queering Psychoanalysis”



Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, Manipulation of the Imaginary in a Homosexual Couple

Paul Verhaeghe, The Scandal of Sex: We Hate the One We Love

Pawned Fantasies

Laurent Goumarre, Let’s Talk About Porn… To Camera

Gustavo Freda, The Scopic Emptiness of Pornography

Christiane Alberti, What Remains of Our Fantasies

Choosing Not To Choose

Jorge Assef, What Sexuation Can We Trust?

François Ansermet, To Choose One’s Sex: the Paradox of the Parlêtre

Pamela King, The Third Sex: an In-Between

Whither the Phallus?

Bruno de Halleux, Sexuality at the Time of the Speaking Body

Jacques-Alain Miller, A New Alliance with Jouissance

Formations of the Analyst


118  Éric Laurent, The Logic and Surprises of Supervision at the Time of the Parlêtre

133  Patrick Monribot, The Possibility of an Act

Reduction: Analysts of the School

Anne Lysy, “This is Not a Clinical Case”

Anna Aromí, The Fall of the Case

Marie-Hélène Brousse, On Pass Testimonies

Débora Rabinovich, My Bestiary

Luiz Fernando Carrijo Da Cunha, The Risk of an Invention

Ram Avraham Mandil, Making a  Stepladder of the Sinthome

Jésus Santiago, The Speaking Being Beyond the Man/Woman Binary

Our Congresses

Clinical orientation

Miquel Bassols, Psychosis, Ordered Under Transference

Jean-Pierre Deffieux, Modes of Enjoyment, Time to Choose

Herbert Wachsberger, From the Enigmatic Experience to the Elementary Phenomenon

Claudia Iddan, Push-to-the-Man

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NLS – New Lacanian School

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